Font Unavailable but the font is there


Hi there,
I’m a new user of Fusion 7 and I’m loading my font collection in the font library.
It’s a big job because I have thousands of fonts and I want to tag and classify for the first time.
I encountered many problems, but the one for which at this time I ask your help is only in Fusion.
What does it mean when you get the message: Font unavailable.
As in this image.

The fonts are not corrupted, I can open with Win Font viewer and they are (as you can see in the screenshot) in the right place in fontVault, but the program tells Font Unavailable.

I read about the different version of the same font

“In some cases, a different version of the desired font may be activated or the font may be reported as unavailable.”

and maybe this is the problem, (I saw 2 different series of folder for the same font) but I loaded only 4 single fonts.
I don’t know how Fusion works, how the fonts are stored, I only know that the fonts are there but in the program I cannot have a preview or activate.

What can I do to solve this problem?
Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


Thanks for your question. Do to the nature of this question, we ask that you contact our Technical Support team at your earliest convenience. Please use our support portal here:

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