Font Doctor continually wanting to scan


Font Doctor has decided that I am hanging my fonts folder every few minutes or so and is popping up a window asking me if I want to scan the folders. I have tried shutting it, and a few minutes later it asks again. I have tried letting it scan, and a few minutes after it finishes it asks again. This is extremely annoying and the latest in a long list of errors from this version of the Suitcase experience. Any suggestions on how to fix it would be appreciated.



Sounds like your autoscan settings need adjustments.
FontDoctor autoscan settings can be controlled to monitor different font locations, scan each time a change is made to the folders and decide the time interval when it scans.
To make changes to these settings go to Settings in Font Doctor and choose the “Looking for Autoscan settings?” link on the right side of the dialog.
This will bring up the autoscan preferences so you can change them to something more suitable for your needs.

Hope this helps,
Chris Meyer