Font Collection Cleanup


I’ve amassed quite a few fonts over the last 15 years or so, and have decided to start cleaning house. Font management software like Suitcase Fusion might be the only way of attempting this project.

But from what I can determine, Suitcase Fusion 4 won’t actually delete files and folders from my stockpile; it only deletes a reference to them in a set or a library.

Currently I have every font stored in a folder on an external USB drive. After importing every one of these fonts into a “Library” in Suitcase Fusion I get a message with a list of broken, missing or corrupted files, but no offer to delete these files from my USB drive. After closing this dialogue box I lose that list.

How can I capture this list again, to allow me to delete these from my external USB drive?

This is a great tool for organizing and managing fonts on a machine, but how about cleaning house? There’s no way I need to keep all of these old, broken or outdated files. :slightly_smiling:

If I scroll through this library and see a font I absolutely don’t need or want to keep, deleting this font only deletes a reference, and not the actual font on the USB drive. Is there any way around this?

Thank you!


Perhaps the “Collect fonts for output” could help you.

If you “clean house” in Suitcase Fusion and export the clean list using “Collect fonts for output” you should end up with a fresh list. At least in theory. :slightly_smiling:
I would try it - after taking backups to be on the safe side.



It is too bad that the list of bad fonts is not exportable. You could add your fonts again and make screenshots of the list when it shows up again.

Another option would be to run Font Doctor on your library. You should have a license for that if you own Suitcase.
It has two main features: Diagnose and Organize

To weed out bad fonts, you can drag and drop the font collection on your USB drive into the Diagnose window. Font Doctor will then check all of the fonts and give you a list of the ones that have problems and give you the option to ‘Move All’, which will move the original fonts. It will attempt to repair some minor issues. Once it’s done, your collection should have few, if any damaged fonts in it.

If you want to weed out duplicates, you can use the Organize feature.

Is that helpful?


Thanks, everyone.

Suitcase Fusion is good for organizing and “activating” fonts, but I discovered that Font Doctor is what I need to clean house.

Thanks again.