Font Auto-Activation


I’m getting a bit confused. I bought (upgraded) to Suitcase Fusion 6. But I did not see links for the plug ins that came with all the fusions before - to automatically open fonts in QuarkXPress, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

I came back on line today - and saw a paragraph that says automatically opens fonts in QuarkXPress and InDesign - I don’t want to pay for anymore… but I wanted to try the “30-day trial.” However, after giving my email address it gives the the free trial for Suitcase Fusion 6.

Does anyone know if there are plug ins for those programs and if yes - where the link to download them are? I miss it. It really is a pain opening up an old job and being told I haven’t installed the fonts.

Thank you.

PS – this was the name of the one for Photoshop in Fusion 5: ExtensisFontManagementPSCS5.plugin – but it doesn’t work with 6.


Hello Jackie:

Auto-activation plugins for Adobe CS and QuarkXpress are included inside the SF6 application; there is no need to purchase or download anything else.

In SF6, choose the Suitcase Fusion 6 menu > Manage Plugins and simply check the boxes for the version(s) of Adobe CS and QuarkXPress you have installed.



Hi kbeck,

I do not see any extensions for any Adobe CC folders when I install Suitcase Fusion 6 onto my newly wiped computer. Everything was wiped cleaned to make sure I can get a clean install of all programs. What are my other options? Since I cannot get the extensions directly from you and I’ve tried installing the Suitcase Fusion 6 app several times.



Hi cakelvr,

Once you have installed Suitcase Fusion 6, you must then install the plug-ins. It’s a separate process. Information on plug-in installation can be found in the application help here.


Hi there, I’ve tried that but all my selections for each Adobe Application is grayed out. The applications were not found.


If the applications are not in their expected location, and assuming the host applications are fully installed, the process of plug-in installation can get a little more complex. I would suggest contacting our Technical Support for further assistance. You can contact our Support team using the link below: