Font activation question


When a font is activated from the Suitcase Panel (in Photoshop CC most current version), is it supposed to show up as ACTIVATED in Fusion 7? Or be available in other programs as long as Photoshop is still open?

Neither of these things happen. I was wondering because I needed to use a font activated in PS in Illustrator. It was not available in the font list in that program. I was hesitant to activate again from the second program.

I just noticed this behavior since updating to Fusion 7; I am just wondering if maybe I didn’t notice it before or if this is new or if it is a bug in the new version. Any help is appreciated.



What you are seeing is expected behavior. When we activate a font via the panel we will only activate the font for the current process (Photoshop) which means the font won’t be available at the system level nor will it be available in other applications.

Any font you activate in Photoshop via the panel (Illustrator and InDesign are the same) will only be available in Photoshop and once Photoshop is quit the font will be deactivated.

You can freely activate the same font in a second program with no issues.

Hope this helps and thanks for using Suitcase Fusion 7!