Font activation problem


Hi there, I have just purchased the latest Suitcase Fusion (previously I had version 4 but hadn’t updated in sometime). I’m using a MAC OS X latest version 10.11.6 I am working in Indesign (CC 2015) and I am getting a “missing fonts” warning, alerting me that a font I am using is not available on my computer. However, the font I am working with is available and loaded and activated in suitcase! I’m slightly confused as to why this is happening? Even if the font wasn’t active I would have thought the auto activation function would have kicked in? Thanks!


Hi Narrow,

The primary cause of a “missing font” message is an issue with your font cache. This post explains the process of clearing that cache. Although the post was in reference to Fusion 6, the process is still the same for Fusion 7.