FMRenderer using 98.5% of CPU


Hi everyone,

My iMac has been starting up really slowly lately so I looked at the Activity Monitor and FMRenderer was using up 98.5% of the CPU usage. This is without any programmes being open.

Does anyone know why this might be or how I can stop it?

Thanks in advance.


Hi simonjudd,

In general, the FMRenderer process is active when you have a number of new fonts that require synching, and the process will run in the background. However, it is generally not as active as you report if there are not a large number of new fonts. If this is continuing to be an issue for you, the most efficient way to handle things is to contact our Support team using the link below:



Hello simonjudd,

To tack on some additional info to Mike’s response.
FMRenderer is the process Extensis font managers use to index the glyph comparison data used for the Quickmatch feature. The first time Suitcase builds its database, the FMRenderer process will index every font you have in your library for glyph comparison. It is normal operation for the process to consume as much of the CPU it can to build its rendered data.
Once completed you aren’t likely to see the process run again except incrementally when you add new fonts to your libraries.
Note: The Quickmatch index data is stored with your font vault and will remain there as long as you don’t delete it. If for some reason you do, the FMRenderer process will start all over again.

Hope this helps,

Chris Meyer
Extensis Font Solutions Team