Filtering NetPublish website access directly by user group possible?


We are trying to setup a Netpublish website for our art department. This Website will be accessed only by art teachers. To enforce this I want to force the teachers to give their school credentials (school username/password).

We are Version on Portfolio 2016 I can import easily users from our AD selecting Groups without having to select every user manually. This is important for us as we have almost 2000 students and 200 teachers.

The problem is when I have to configure the website properties. It seems that the “security/user accounts” option ONLY allows for the selection of individual users but not for the direct selection of users. For a school with 2200 potential users of a Netpublish Website this is a great Problem.

My questions is:did I miss something? is there a way to solve this problem?

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Sorry, a mistake. I wanted to say “…but not for the direct selection of GROUPS (not users)”



I think we can’t do this.
only be able to check all users from 2.1.4…



Thank you for the answer. Do you know who I can contact to ask Extensis to include this featur?.




I know this was added in the 2.1.4

What would be nice is the ability to view the security groups setup at the AD level. We have a range of staff that are put into different security groups. When I go to add users to a NP site there is no user grouping and I have to look through those lists and filter down to those users in order to add them.

This can be refined for easier user management.


That’s exactly the problem. I can imagine you can solve it (a) having the possibility to work somehow with the AD groups directly or (b) have some kind of gropus defined in portfolio mapped to the AD groups.

It doesn’t matter what is the technical solution, the point is to work with “groups” instead of working with single users.

Thx for the comment.