File displays fonts in word file correctly on one mac pro correctly but incorrectly on other mac pro


2 mac pro machines
word 14.7.6, macOS 10.11.6, SF 18.2.4
file displays fonts in word file correctly on one mac pro correctly but incorrectly on other mac pro
issue has been around thru several versions of word macOS and SF

any advice would be helpful



Thanks for your question. We have several more in order to assist you:

  • What other version of MS Office/Word have you tried? The one listed is for version 2011
  • What font(s) are having issues?
  • What type of font is it (Postscript, TrueType, OpenType)?
  • Does this happen in other applications?


font = cambria
office 14,7,6

other apps = have not checked


Cambria is a default MS font. It’s possible that you have a duplicate font in both your System Fonts and your Font Library.

Try the following:

  • Open Suitcase Fusion
  • Select Edit>Find Fonts
  • Just above the font preview you should now see a search bar appear - NOTE- This is different than the QuickFind that is in the upper right corner of the application. This will search all fonts and libraries.
  • Type in Cambria
  • How many appear?



thx for the note

i will try your solution after 5 pm edt today and report back


here is resulting screenhot - what is next ?


Yep… That’s it. Your screenshot shows duplicates of Cambria font (Bold, Bold Italic, Italic and Regular). You will need to remove the duplicates in order to have them work appropriately in your applications.

Below are a couple of links that may assist you in the process:

Remove Fonts:

Font will not activate:

Font Management Best Practices:


my suitcase now looks like this but the font still does not display correctly
i restarted mac
used font nuke to update font caches


resulting display of word files on 2 macs


good - other mac


font nuke

font  nuke


I would suggest giving us a call, so we can check a few additional settings on the machine. You can also try using Suitcase to clear the cache as well.

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