Extensis Portfolio Server 11.2 Log in Help!


Just downloaded the trial and install Portfolio Server and I chose the local system log in option; however, when I use my local account to log into the admin web interface, I can’t log in, the log in box just shakes and erases my information. I am currently using Windows 8.1. Any and all help would be appreciated it, thanks in advance.


The ‘local system’ option refers to the authentication of the Portfolio Server service. So the service will only have access to local resources (files stored on the same machine). You choose the other option of a service user account when you need to catalog files on a remote volume (e.g. NAS or other fileserver). This option has no bearing on the login used for the Portfolio Server Administration interface.

The login for that is always ‘administrator’ and the default password is ‘password’ until you change it!