Extensis Forums are public


The Extensis Forums are an open and public place for discussing Extensis products and related topics. Discussions that include real-world details on business needs, workflows and the challenges you face in your day-to-day business are incredibly valuable to us as a software product developer, as well as to the creative/digital asset management community in general.

However, please be mindful that as a fully open and public forum, it is visible to anonymous visitors and the Search Engines. Please do not post any proprietary or confidential information that you do not want everyone to see. This includes replying to any auto-emails you receive notifying you that a topic thread you are involved in has been responded to. This is a convenience feature of the Discourse platform and please be aware of the results of responding - it will generate a new post in the topic.

Private messaging is an available feature of the Forums, and direct and private communication with us here at Extensis is also an option.