Extenisis Portfolio 10 server and cloud storage


We have a server hosted in virtual environment. We are looking to find a way to save on storage for our data folders , where we store media files (pictures and videos). Can Extensis Portfolio Server 10 support cloud storage for storing the flat files? Our thought was to move some of the older files to the cloud (cheaper storage), but we would need to make sure that application can see these files.

Are there requirements that the files must be seen in a folder that is presented as a logical drive when you are logged into the Portfolio Server? If this is not available in version 10, is it in version 11 or on the future product map?



Portfolio Server has not been tested specifically with cloud storage, so it’s difficult to say how well it will work. I’m referring to both versions 10 and 11.

If the cloud storage appears like a local or network volume to Portfolio Server, and the connection is reliable, then it will probably work.