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Hoping someone can help, and searched for the topic and don’t seem to be able to turn up any existing threads.

We’re running into problems with users searching both Portfolio and Netpublished galleries as the search seems to get hits when keywords appear in the IPTC data. As an example, someone searching our library for “staff” is getting hundreds of images which have had “staff photographer” added to the Creator field, or in some cases where Staffordshire appears in the Address field. As you’d imagine the vast majority of these image do not show pictures of our staff…which is proving frustrating for users.

We’ve failed to find an obvious way to exclude certain fields from a search.

And as a connected question if the above is not possible, would there be any quick way to batch amend data in IPTC fields. Ideally, I’d be able to do a search for all photos with, for example, “staff” appearing in the Creator field and then delete that content for the 1000+ photos (the alternative is to search and then select 50 at a time, which is a drag).

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Try Advanced Search. By using the advanced search you can specify which fields the application is searching. To enable advanced search on a netpublish site, log into the web client, select netpublish on the top banner, select edit netpublish site, select the site to be modified, then in the sidebar there is a “Search and Sort” section where advanced search can be enabled and configured for specific fields like keywords. This will limit the search to just that field or fields, excluding all others.

To do this in the web client select the icon to the right of the quickfind field that looks like a folder with a magnifying glass over it. This allow you to specify the fields being searched, excluding any other fields.

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Advanced search is going to be one of the easiest ways to specify what you do or don’t want. With advanced find you can ‘stack’ multiple parameters.

However, that may feel complicated for some users. Try using text modifiers (NOT, AND, OR) in the quickfind search. You don’t have the same ‘stacking’ flexibility you have with advanced search but can be easier.

Also try putting quotes around the word ‘Staff’ as it will limit the search to that specific string of text.

Staff NOT Staffordshire or ‘Staff’

Two other suggestions;

  • Create a gallery that is public with all the staff images. This does only benefit those who log in through the traditional Portfolio Web Client and not a NetPublish site.
  • Put the staff photos all placed in the same folder and call it something more than just staff such as ‘Our Staff’, ‘Employees’, etc.

Yes, you can clear out the metadata. Select all the assets you want to clear. Then click inside the IPTC data field (which will look empty), look for the cursor, and then hit backspace or delete. You will see the Revert button show up - click the button. This will clear out the existing metadata for all the selected assets.