Error during install of Portfolio MediaEngine


I am trying to install the NetMediaMax engine on a server and I keep getting an error during the install and it will not complete…

Internal Error 27555, C:\Program Files
(x86)\Extensis\Portfolio\Media Engine\applications
…, The requested lookup key was not found in any
active activation content.
, 14007

I have already installed the Adobe DNG Converter and Apple Quicktime and .NET should be setup as well.

Any idea as to what could be causing this?

The error happens towards the end of the install process when it claims to be starting services.

Bob Ribokas
Boston College


We found out that there’s an issue with the installer that causes this problem. You will run into “Internal Error 27555” if the Windows server does not have an account named Administrator. The workaround is to create an admin account named Administrator, which you can then rename after the installation is complete. This issue only affects the Portfolio Mediaengine installer (1.0) for Windows.

We’ve reported the issue to our developers, so hopefully this will get fixed in the next update.