Error - does not allow updates anymore



We need your help to solve a problem concerning our Portfolio Server installed on a server machine running Windows 7 Ultimate operating system (in English) 32-bit.

The Server version is 11.2.1 and the Desktop Client is

This machine has crashed, the hard drive C:/ has been replaced, MySQL database has been restored, but it does not allow updates anymore: neither photos nor new keywords.

When trying to import photo by catalog command -> Add items, the error displayed is “5a9” . New photos in the catalog folder auto-sync indicates the presence of a new file, but does not synchronize.

Somebody have had this problem? Somebody can help us?

I hope hearing from you.

All best,


Hi Mayra,

This is a developer forum for questions regarding the Portfolio API, there is a forum for user questions here: forums.extensis.com/

You may have better luck getting an answer over there. Also, if you have paid for it, Extensis has a support department who specialize in questions like these.