Ensuring the exact same font setup on two machines?


Hoping there is a font sync function in Suitcase, or a procedure to ensure the exact same font setup between my desktop and my laptop. I need to travel soon, and want to continue to work on the road, just as I would in the office. Well, any tips / advice appreciated.

update: it’s not the fonts themselves I am worried about (although still a concern), but it’s more about the suitcase settings, favorites, groups, libraries, etc. that I would like to be the same.

Font Vault Archive: restore to another mac

I have exactly the same question.
Regards Barry


All that information is stored in the ‘fontvault’. If you’re also copying fonts into it, then everything will be in that one file. I keep a copy of my fontvault backed up so that if I get a new work computer I can just copy the fontvault across, ensure correct ownership/permissions (in case of user account name change etc.) and then use the same database on another machine.

But it’s not a live sync. That would be a feature request for Suitcase, as currently we provide a centralised database platform with Universal Type Sever, which is designed around workgroups who want users to share and collaborate on the same set of fonts etc., whilst still being able to work as individuals too as necessary. If you want to submit a feature request you should do so here.


Thank you for the information.