Duplicate font 'name' ? :S


Hi all,

I’m trying out a trail version of Suitcase 6. So far I love it, but I come across a weird…sort of error.
I’ve added several fonts to my Suitcase, but… even though the font family has many different fonts with each their own name… In suitcase, some fonts have the same name. See attachment image: 1 (Suitcase), image 2 (the finder window… all their own unique names).

When I then change the font to let’s say Helvetica Neue LT Pro Bold (image 3), it works. Once. Then when I want to change it to a lighter Bold, I get and error (image 4), because the font name is already active.

Has anyone else had this? Does anyone know how I can solve it? I tried to find if I could change the font name in Suitcase… But I couldn’t so far.

(PS. Helvetica isn’t the only font that’s had this problem.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You can contact our support team directly to help look into the problem, but the behaviour is as expected with regards to two fonts with the same name. The issue is therefore why the fonts have the same name, which at a first glance looks like the menu names are not set correctly in the fonts, with them all using the same name instead of their unique names, to match with the postscript names. You’d need to look into the font metadata though to verify that, which is why you’re best to contact support.