Directory Services Sync



Having issue sync users from AD, using the Directory service, the below is our setup!

AD = Windows 2012R2
UTS Server = Windows 2012R2
UTS Version = UTS 5.1

The users allready added can log in, but new addded to group in AD doesn’t get synced!

From server LOG

07:51:15,715 DEBUG [extensis.esp.core] (DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-7) 97 QUERY_BY_DN

Can’t see if this should be the error!

Anyone have expierenced this?



Hello Bo,

Some things to check:

Open Task Manager and see how much memory Java is taking up. Usually there are two Java processes, so see which one is taking up the most memory. How much is it taking up? How much RAM is installed on the UTS server?

Also, if you have more than 100 AD users in UTS, I recommend having UTS’s Directory Service setting to synchronize daily at whatever time you want to specify. The default ‘Synchronize Continuously…’ option can have issues synching new AD accounts if there are more than 100 AD users in UTS.


Hi Romeo!

Thanks for reply, JAVA process is taking up 1,1Gb mem, server has 4GB of mem, AD group have 515 users, have set “sync” to manual!

Regards Bo