Did SF "rename" my Main Fonts Library?


I noticed today that the name of my main fonts library has been renamed in SF to “neu”??? What is going on and how do I fix it?

Also, you can see in the Screenshot that my LOCAL SYSTEM FONTS folder shows partially activated and yet ALL of the fonts in that folder show to be activated when I select the local folder shown.



Font Libraries can easily be renamed with any custom text. I have accidentally changed the name myself when selecting the library’s name but you can easily re-edit it back. Just click the library’s name and the text should become editable.

On a side note, I noticed you are connected to the WebINK font library. I wanted to share that Extensis’ contract with WebINK font vendors expired at the end of June 2015. That means all new updates of Suitcase Fusion (from version 17.1.0 and on) will remove access to these fonts.

We are looking to offer alternative font libraries in the future but WebINK unfortunately is no longer.
I apologize for the inconvenience.




Thanks for the reply. I finally figured out that I could just select the Font Library name and edit it. I must have inadvertently selected that and modified it at some point.