Default Values


How can I add default values for custom fields to newly added assets like I did with Portfolio 11 under the menu Catalog>Administration…>Default Values.???


Hi FlameCoder,

Custom fields are managed in the Admin. The Portfolio 2016 online Help has the custom field creation information you are looking for here. The default value you enter can be changed in Portfolio Web for each cataloged file.


Thank you for pointing out where this is located. I’m running Portfolio Server 2016 in a test environment before we upgrade our main portfolio server 11.

  • I’m specifically looking for how to enter a keyword if there are already keywords within the file. This was accomplished in Portfolio Server 11 in Cataloging Options>Dialog Presents>Assign Properties with don’t show this dialog when cataloging checked. Our workflow requires the keyword “Needs_Keyworded” added to new assets (sometimes they will already have some keywords) so other people can use a smart gallery to locate these assets and do the keywording then delete the keyword “Needs_Keyworded” when completed.


I like this approach. I am intrigued and would love to talk more about how you are using this in your workflow.


What we currently use now is a custom field with a boolean value so it is a checkbox. Follow the directions in making a custom field here. This is how it looks set up.

When a new asset is cataloged the Needs_Keyworded checkbox will be checked. You can then make a smart gallery to find all Needs_Keyworded that equals true. After adding keywords we uncheck the box so it is no longer found in gallery.