Default colour profiles


We have successfully changed the default colour profile for CMYK by changing the code in the <local.properties> file, but we need to also set a default RGB profile for batch converting TIFs to JPGs. Currently it converts to sRGB but we would like AdobeRGB… how do we accomplish this?


The profile setting process is described in the server Help article “Changing the Default Color Profile”. Not mentioned is where the profiles live. It appears to be:
/Applications/Extensis/Portfolio Server/applications/media-engine/Shared/Originals/Profiles/

And relevant location in an NMMax install and on windows location (see the above article for base paths). The v11.0.1 folder above appears to contain 3 profiles: ‘ISOcoated_v2_eci.icc’, ‘sRGB Color Space Profile.icm’, ‘USWebCoatedSWOP.icc’.

To use Adobe RGB, you’ll need to find the correct colour profile (it may well be in /Library/ColorSync/Profiles, ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles or Windows equivalent system/local locations). Copy it to the above MediaRich folder. It’s not clear is a Portfolio server re-start is needed after changing profiles and/or the location.properties file, but it’s probably a good idea.

If still no joy, it’s probably a good idea to contact support directly. If you do I’d point out that the above Help page for profiles is incomplete. You might also ask if you can simply add an alias/shortcut to a profile in the main OS location (I suspect not).

FWIW, Adobe also offer a download of colour profile files here. Also, in Portfolio’s local.properties file, the colour profile assignments are right at the end of the file - to save others reading all the way through.


Many thanks for your help - I will get my colleague to give this a go