Date Added Not Working As Expected


This is a minor issue, but still worthy of a fix:

I use the “Group Fonts by Family” feature and have a couple of issues with the “Date Added” view in the “Font List” pane:

  1. When I add a newer version of a font to my library where an older one existed, it does not recognize the “Date Added” of the newer font. The folder in which the newer font is grouped in, the “Date Added” field is blank (no double dashed line either), though the font itself shows the correct date added if I turn off “Group Fonts by Family.”

  2. When I “Regroup” fonts (in my case, I’m trying to family fonts together that are from the same family but were incorrectly defined in the font file) the same thing occurs, the “Date Added” field is blank.

This pushes the fonts to the bottom of my list. I know it sounds minor, but one way I interact and select fonts is by how recently I’ve added them to my library.

Any ideas?