Custom fields - can't edit some of the existing ones


I have a number of custom fields I want to edit in Portfolio Server 11 - changing the label etc. Some of them are set to ‘allow multiple entries into the field’ - if this option is already ticked, I can’t untick it, it’s greyed out. We don’t need the ‘multiple entries’ functionality, and when it’s enabled it means the field takes up a lot of space in the properties panel. I’m working at administrator level in the desktop client, so I don’t understand why I’m unable to change this setting. Any ideas?


Hi LynnProspect,

If any asset has one or more values entered in that custom field, the ‘allow multiple entries’ box will be greyed out. That’s expected behavior.


Ah, I see. Thanks for the quick reply. So if I can find the assets that have multiple values, and amend them, I should be able to change the settings. Excellent.