CS5 crashing / hanging on font activation



I have recently upgraded to Suitcase Fusion 4 following my upgrade to OS X 10.8 and the fact that Fusion 3 was no longer compatible.

Since doing so however I have a new problem. When a font is auto activated in any of the CS5 packages (InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator) the application will hang and have to be force quitted. On restart the application will open with the new file all fine and dandy complete with auto activated fonts.

But… and this is my big issue, when this happens one of my system fonts corrupts. Its usually not noticable until you take a peek at a website. See below


To resolve this last issue I use Suitcases Clean font caches facility which involves a restart. So a bit of a pain just to get a document open.

I must admit I have simply assumed Suitcase’s fault in all this, if its something else that would be good to know.

I’m using Version 15.0.5 (515) btw.

Any pointers to resolving this issue would be greatfully received.