Crop to size and download


‘Resize and Crop’ was one of the options for download of Portfolio 11 Server, which has since been removed.

Is there a way of recreating this in Portfolio 2016?

Unfortunately the removal of this has actually halted our migration to your newer products. Any steer on this would be helpful!


Is this a question regarding the Portfolio API ?

Resize is available via the SOAP and REST APIs as well as the Portfolio Web interface ( Batch Process dialog ).


Yes resize is there. But the crop function is not.
I guess my question is:
Is there any way for portfolio 2016 to crop an image to a set size like it did in Portfolio Server 11? See attached image

Any help would be appreciated




No, the decision was made to remove the crop function as there was no method for visual indication ( of what areas were being cropped ).

Also, note that this is the Extensis Labs forum – reserved for questions regarding the Portfolio SOAP / REST APIs.

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