Creating a new catalog from an old catalog


I’ve finally gotten the chance to upgrade my Portfolio Server from 8.5.5 to 10.2.0. Before copying over the old catalogs to the new server, I’ve been attempting to run the Recovery action on them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it’s working - it’s taking forever to just get a 2 GB catalog recovered (I let it run overnight, and it still wasn’t complete). Is there a way to just pull the catalog records from the 8.5.5 catalog into a new 10.2.0 catalog? I’d like to keep all the Cataloged by info if possible.



Recovery should work but in may take a long time depending on other calls on the CPU, RAM, size of the d/b. From expereince, it’s very difficult to predict how long a recover may take.

Let’s assume it won’t recover. My next suggestion is to make a custom ‘Catalog Type’ based on you current catalogue (or one such per catalogue if they use different customisations. Now make a new catalogue based on the set and drag across all the records (if many, doing so in batches of c5k records can help with performance). Saved views can be exported/re-imported but Saved Finds and (Smart) Galleries will need to be rebuild from scratch. Previews too, will need to be rebuilt as record ID #s change when the records are dragged across.

v10 will open v8.5 FDBs, so you can either open the originals or rebuilt one: note that doing so is a one-time update after which the FDB can’t be used in v8.5 (so work with copies). Or make a new catalogue using the custom type in v10, open the old v8.5. one (better, a copy thereof) and then do the migration of records.

FWIW, you should be able to recover a 2 GB FDB assuming enough horsepower and the catalogue doesn’t have bad corruption. The only real limit I’ve hit is someone who’d made a 4 GB FDB (the biggest you can make) and it was too big to recover.

Hopefully that gives you a few options.