Create catalogs on different drives?


Current setup: Windows Server 2012 R2 - Portfolio Professional 11.*

Question: Is it possible to create (.fdb) catalogs on different drives? By default, catalogs are being created on the C:\ drive and we would prefer to create them on our E:\ (storage array) drive.


It is currently not possible to host .fdb catalogs from a drive other than the system drive.

Previews, logs and temporary data can all be moved to another location if space is a concern.


On a related note, how can we migrate our Portfolio data (Files, Preview) from one drive to another? This is actually where our space issue is.



Hi Bob,

If you need to move the assets that Portfolio manages, you can accomplish that in one of two ways.

The first is to simply swap out the drive with a larger one, as long as the same file path is maintained, Portfolio won’t know the difference.

If that option isn’t feasible, move the top most directory containing your assets to a new drive. (This maintains as much of the old file path as possible).

Once that is done, give us a call and we will help you install and run a script for the Portfolio desktop client, this will update the paths in your Portfolio database.