Create a smart gallery based on last 7 days?


How do I create a smart gallery that displays items that have been catalogued in the last 7 days?

I want to make it easy for all other users to see what has recently been uploaded. Basically create a “Last Catalogued” gallery that shows a few days worth of time, and is visible to all users.

My first thought was to search for “catalogued on or after _a week ago” but it appears that I have to put in a fixed date. Is there a way to use a variable in a search? ie: “catalogued on or after {date - 7 days}”


Hello mfrenchholt,

Unfortunately, Portfolio does not have this capability at the moment. I’ve contacted the product manager and he’s aware of the need for this. Hopefully this means that it will be added to a future update.


That would be handy.
Looking forward to it in a future update!


Here’s a solution that a co-worker offered up:

We’re running on Macs - am sure that you can do the same thing in Windows, just not sure what it would be called.

We can create a smart folder (which is just an operating system version of a smart gallery) that copies in files that are less than 8 days old and deletes files that are older than 7 days. I will then set Portfolio to autosync that folder and set a smart gallery to display files that match the path of the smart folder. This gallery will then be all files that are 7 >= days old.

It’s not internal to Portfolio but it’ll get the job done!