Crashes QuarkXPress 2015


Official installer for El Capitan loaded this morning.

Quark can be quitted without crashing (Qk 2015 v.

Font activation - was fine with last version of beta version -
(all fonts loaded properly both when Quark opened first from Dock and from double-clicking a file to open Qk).
Now if you double-click a file you get (a) no activation, (b) some activation or © complete activation. All very confusing.

(Still get the message that fonts are missing when in fact they are not.)

[Unchanged from my last post:
Note: I am testing El Capitan on an external drive; this is connected to a MacBook running Yosemite.
Installing today’s beta version also changed the Fusion extension in the Quark on Yosemite. Checked this version; it crashed instantly, when activated from Dock or file. Removed Fusion xtension from this version and replaced it with backup copy of previous xtension.]

If Apple produces a new OS next year are we going to go through this battle all over again?


All of the customer reports we received on the prerelease were positive so no additional changes were made from when it was provided. QXP2015 plugin functionality in this release should work exactly the same as the prerelease.

The specific font activation issue you mention has been around since we built the plugin for QXP2015 and tested the same between both our prerelease and final release versions.
It also has a relatively simple workaround so we chose to circle back and focus on the greater issues at hand. For more details, review the knowledge base here:


I will work with the Quark Team to see how we can address this in a future update.

As far as your last post, I’d like to treat it as a special case and address it outside of this post.
This thread is specific to assisting customers with the QXP2015 crashing issue on quit in El Capitan.
I believe this release addresses that so I’d like to end this post as resolved.

Since you have a unique setup (multiple drives, multiple OS versions, multiple Suitcase installations and have been moving plugins manually) it’s best for us explore your environment details separately.
I will have the Suitcase team attempt to reproduce the crashing issue you encountered in a similar test environment and reach out for additional details (if necessary).

Finally, I can’t promise the next time Apple updates OS X there will not be issues. I can promise that Extensis will do everything possible to review early OS releases and test our products against them. We will be more communicative about our progress and share possible delays or issues so you can manage your business accordingly. When applicable we’ll make prerelease versions available for your review.

You now have my direct email (cmeyer@extensis.com).
Please do not hesitate to reach out before making major changes to your production environment when Suitcase compatibility questions arise. It is critical to ensure all of your applications and services are compatible before upgrading to the latest and greatest.

As always, please share your feedback and we’ll do what we can to make our products work better for you.



Thank you. Will test further.


Removed Suitcase from (Yosemite) drive and installed latest version.
The problems I reported have gone away.