Convert Search for "Missing Originals" to Gallery, or?


Is there any way to harvest the list of missing originals and save as a gallery inside portfolio or in some usable form for use in excel?

We’ve got a bit of clean-up of duplicate records/originals and need an easy way to work with those disconnected records.



Hello Bruce,

At this time, it is not possible to export the list of missing originals resulting from the “Find Other” menu option.

However, that is clearly a desirable feature, and I will make sure that the product team is aware of it.

The list of duplicates resulting from the “Find Other” menu option, is displayed in a view labeled “Find Results”, which can be copied to a gallery.

Depending on the circumstances that lead to duplicate records and missing originals, it’s likely Priority Technical Support can help you. I will follow up with you directly to arrange your preferred method of contact. Thanks!


Hi Bruce,

I just happened upon this thread and though Jasmine’s response is correct, there is a trick I discovered that you may find useful.

You’ll need a computer with a CDROM for this to work and it may need to be an actual CD writer - though we are not going to burn any CD’s during this process.

In the Desktop Client select the gallery you want to work with (or All Items) and click Gallery > Burn to Disc… The process will fail at this point if there is no suitable CD drive present. If a drive is present, click ‘Burn’ and the client will show a Gathering Information window. If there are assets with missing originals in this gallery, you will see a prompt that tells you how many and explains that they have been dropped into a Scratchpad Gallery for you. Click Cancel to stop the disc burning process and you will be left with a Scratchpad Gallery containing all of your problem assets - this is much easier to work with and it’s pretty simple to export a list of filenames at this point.



What an inventive work-around. I’ll give it a try. I’ll be curious to see what the system says about trying to burn a cd with 100K worth of assets though.