Connect NetPublish to Internet


Does Extensis provide a white-paper or instruction set for configuring the new version of NetPublish to poke through an organization’s firewall to publish it’s pages to the intranet? We’re just looking at what this would take before we approach our IT/Web security groups.




I don’t know the technical details in great depth, but we configured our NP sites and the web client to be accessed outside the company firewire. Basically your IT team have to configure security access of which port they would like to use for outside access. It can be configured in a few hours and not overly difficult. The bigger challenge you might face depending on who your company is would be getting through the political red tape to allow that access.


We had our IT group do the same thing, but then we couldn’t access the services provided by the other ports like :8085 netpublish and :8091 Admin panel… Still deciding on how to best route the DNS services to allow access to these services.


Just to follow up, we had our IT group map to :8085 as well, so now we serve out both the web client and NetPublish through the firewall.