Configuring External Access


Hi All,

I’ve been having some issues setting up portfolio web client to accessed from outside of our local network. My goal is to allow clients to access our catalogs via the web client in a browsers.

I’m able to ping the domain we have setup (ex portfolio.server.com) which is also the host name of the server in which portfolio server is running on. However, I can’t ping the server address with the port (ex portfolio.server.com:8090). I’ve been following the documentation provided and I’m at the point where I’ve forwarded each port listed in the port guide. I have tried forwarding these ports as TCP and UDP.

Am I missing additional portfolio settings?


FYI to all - Tomato firmware is not compatible with portfolio server 11. Up and running on a different router.



It’s good to hear you are up and running on different firmware. However, I am sorry you had some trouble getting port forwarding set up for Web Client access with Tomato. The firmware of your router is not related to Portfolio compatibility, the traffic we pass over ports 8090 and 9443 (ssl) is standard TCP traffic. If you run into a situation like this again, I would suggest checking client access inside your LAN to verify the server ports are open, and then when testing externally it would be good to use nmap to check for port access.

If you run into more access issues please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to our technical support team.