Compatibility and plugins


So, is the new version REALLY compatible this time? Do all plugins ACTUALLY work? We had to wait months for you to get the plugins working on V6, after Mac users had them immediately. If you can assure me that this will work out of the box, I’ll look at it, but I just am wary after the last couple of upgrades. It’s terrible being a part of the great minority of people using Windows… oh wait…

UPDATE: Just tried out the new version and am back to getting “this panel is unable to connect to Suitcase Fusion”. Another one to add to the solid offerings of broken updates/


Hi Andrew, we’re not aware of any specific issues with Suitcase Fusion 7. I’ve emailed you directly regarding this so that we can trouble shoot the issue with you.
In future please contact us via our support page so that we can respond as quickly as possible.

All the best, Martin
Extensis Aust/NZ


Hi Martin,

After reinstalling the plugins, and then Suitcase, including restarts after each attempt I finally gave up and reinstalled everything - including Adobe even though it was working perfectly. Something obviously clicked and the plugins are now working. I wonder if the conversion of the database may have had something to do with it as it seemed to be a very long process. In any case, we’re all working for now. Much better than last time!


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