Collect with AppleScript


Is AppleScript only partially implemented on client 11.2.0 or abandoned? For example if I want to collect images in a gallery and the dictionary tells me…

collect *reference *to location text

These are the only required parameters so my script would look like this…

set p to (((path to desktop as string) & “CollectImg”) as alias)
tell application "Portfolio Desktop Client"
collect gallery 1 of document 1 to location p
end tell

But running this NOTHING happens…NOT even an error.


Why not just use the menu option, Gallery > Collect within the Desktop Client?


There hasn’t been any development done on Applescript in the desktop client for some time. It should at least partially work, because the Edit Path script still functions.


Extensis needs to continue development with AppleScript and VB. Being able to automate tasks and customize a DAM is why we pay $6000 plus for the software…

Chris, I’m glad you ask why not just use the menu option. He’s my reason in one aspect of our workflow… I can get a list of linked file names in Adobe InDesign. I need to collect the original images on the list from the DAM. Let’s say I have a list of 50 to 100 images to collect. What’s your plan to collect them? Are you going to search one by one, put them in a gallery then manually do your collection? How long will that take? …this will be a daily task for 20 artists.

We want to be able to customize and add our own programming solutions to fit our needs. Using AppleScript I’m able to complete the task in seconds and does almost everything but collect to a folder… would have been nice to create a folder on desktop, collect images then delete the gallery and be done.

But as time goes on more and more thing will become broken and your AS dictionary is misleading when it says you can do something but really can’t.

If you have a way to search for a list of items in a catalog please let me know.


I hate to say this, but Applescript and VB script are being deprecated in favor of the API. I’d recommend looking into this for a long term solution:

extensis.com/portfolio-serve … folio-api/


Use the Web Client instead of the Desktop Client. It has a feature called ‘Batch Find’. You can use it to search on a list of items within a field of your choice, for example a list of filenames. Then take the results of that Batch find, and select to ‘Download’ (or Batch Process if you wish to convert/resize the files) to get a zip file that contains all the selected files, downloaded to a location of your choice.


Looking at this I’m seeing you can develop in Java, C# and PHP… is this correct?
Can you develop with the Professional package of Portfolio Server? Any other minimum packages needed?


Does this require purchasing NetPublish?


Hi again,

You need Portfolio Server Enterprise to use the API, but yes, you can develop for it using Java, C# and PHP.

Regarding your other question: The Portfolio Web Client is built into all editions of Portfolio Server. Netpublish is not required.