Client failed to connect


Since upgrading from UTS4 to UTS5 - our Mac desktops will consistently go Offline.

We have successfully been running Universal Type Server 4.2.0 (12 user licence) on a 16GB 2.6Ghz Mac Mini server
OS X 10.9.5 Recently upgraded to Universal Type Server 5.2.1

The Type Client on the Mac 10.10.4 desktops is Universal Type Client 5.2.0

Upgrading was simple - but one or 2 desktops after connection, synchronising etc would just drop the connection.
and would fail to connect when attempting to “Go Online” getting the
"The Universal Type Client failed to connect to the Universal Type Server."

The only temporary solution was to forget the connection on the affected client, then login as administrator on the Type server and force logout that user. Then Log in again on the Client. It would work initially - but some point an hour or 2 later - it would agin drop connection.

Is there any update, or solution I am missing here
Regards Iain


Hi Iain, I’ve emailed you directly regarding this to see if you’re still having issues. Please feel free to get in touch.

All the best, Martin
Extensis Aust/NZ


Thanks, still awaiting your email. But I’m going to try to rip out the old UTS server installation - after backing up the database. using the uninstall app - I’ll push the small mini server to El Capitan then go about reinstalling the most recent UTS 5 server update.

Regards Iain


MMM , nots such great success with installing the latest UTS 5 server onto the mac Mini OS X 10.11
the installation runs but ends on " The Instalation Failed. … The installation encountered an error that caused the installation to…" It left the software installed and able to log in - reattach the 12 user licence number - and get the status as started - but when trying to reload the backup .tar file it brings up " This server must be started to perform this operation " ?

The Status: State says "starting… and the Settings: Running state says “started” ( in grey )

Regards Iain


Can I confirm that all the URL links to the El Capitan Type Server package
Universal Type Server 5.2.1.mpkg are dated 6th August 2015
there does not seem to be a later file available yet? Am I downloading the correct file ??


After a server rebuild this is now all back up and running. Typically in this scenario on a Mac doing an uninstall will suffice.


Good to hear things are back up and running.

All the best, Martin
Extensis Aust/NZ