Client compatibility adobe cs5 - cc2017


I am i the process of installing uts6, upgrading from uts4.2. From the compatibility information on Extensis support pages I understand that due to our need for Indesign cs5 autoactivation plug-in support, we have to stick to UTS client 5. Despite the need for cs5 support we also want to be able to use UTS client with the most recent CC-versions. Our users are stuck with Indesign cs5 because of integration with enterprise editorial CMS, but we are using the most recent CC versions of Illustrator and Photoshop.How can we manage to get the most out of UTS?


Thanks for your questions. In order to have compatibility with Adobe CS5 you will need to have Universal Type Client version 5.x installed on the users machines. As you mentioned, this version will only allow compatibility up to the early version of Adobe Creative Cloud.

If you are using any of Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud releases, you will need Universal Type Client version 6.x installed on the users machine.

Due to the configuration/installation of the Universal Type Client applications, they cannot be installed at the same time on a single machine.

In a similar situation, we have seen virtual machines setup/configured for use for previous versions of Adobe applications allowing users to have access and use of these products. This would allow users to maintain current operating systems and applications on their primary machines.