Classifications don't sync with TeamSync users


We have a seven-person team using Suitcase Fusion TeamSync, with 7,500 fonts in a shared library. We’ve just started the tedious process of entering proper classifications for all our fonts – only to discover that while our fonts are syncing on all our machines, the classifications are not! Since documentation is so sketchy, just wondering if this is a “feature” or a “bug”.

Can other TeamSync members share Classifications and other attributes with their team, or can only the fonts themselves be shared? We’ve tried the normal fixes – deleting all preferences, etc. — but no success so far.

All suggestions welcome…


Classifications do not get shared to other users. Suitcase TeamSync was designed this way so that each Suitcase user invited to your TeamSync Account/Team can edit their own classifications and attributes on their own. This allows for each user to customize and work independently, having the ability of retaining their own Sets, Libraries and workflows they have established.


Hey Team Extensis :slight_smile:

I’ve chat with Jim Kidwell on this topic. I really hope there might be a solution to this.

We have a relatively small team, but a lot of fonts, though UTS has features we would never need so that seems overkill.
Having central classification would be a great solution for our designers to search their way to the right font.

One alternative might be that one person does the classification and we make sets per class, but that seems a weird workaround and it would be very time consuming and unpractical in many ways.

Any perspectives on solution for this? Perhaps team classification for fonts in team library and personal classification in personal library?

thanks in advance!



TeamSync looked like a neat solution for sharing fonts. But what made the idea really great was the ability to share classifications. This is the real value of sharing an organized and tagged library. But the user experience I was expecting is absent.

My small team could have taken full advantage of the years I’ve spent developing a classification system that enables deep font discovery and a vernacular to describe typography. What value is to a junior designer to have to do all that work themselves? What good is to a busy senior designer not to have access to a smart classification set painstakingly created by their CD? Why not share classifications, adding a user-by-user set on top for the customization you tout above? Every TeamSync member could share classifications with each other. Maybe even merge them?


I guess I’m not surprised after the UI disaster of Suitcase 8 and Extensis’s tone-deaf response to the user community. It seems you haven’t anyone on staff that works with fonts day-to-day the way busy creative shops do.

I have a been a Suitcase user before Fusion and I continue to root for you, but my loyalty is wearing thin. The only thing keeping me with Suitcase is the time I’ve spent classifying. But that’s the only reason I haven’t switched to Linotype’s FontXplorer.