Changing the path to which a catalog points


We are currently working on a high-level reorganization of the server that hosts our images. We want to change the top level path of several catalogs, but not the overall structure of those catalogs. What’s the procedure for changing where Portfolio looks to find images from a catalog?

As an example, we’d be going from this:

/Volumes/Marketing/Tires Files

To this:


Thanks for any help that can be offered.


You can simply create another folder named Images at the same level as Tires Files and then move Tires Files under it. Depending on how many files/folders you manage, it could take quite a while, but your links and records will remain intact


Thanks for the reply.

The problem is that “Tires Files” is the point of origin for the original catalog. We have already moved the “Tires Files” directory into “Images/Tires”, but of course now the catalog is not seeing the files anymore, as it is still looking for that original directory. We need a way to tell Portfolio to start its search at “Images/Tires” instead of “Tires Files”

Does that make sense?


The answer to the question isn’t quite that straightforward.

In Portfolio 2016, moving files around in the AutoSync folder directly does not preserve the existing records; AutoSync will delete the existing record and catalog the file in the new location. Any metadata that was embedded in the file will be reimported, but custom fields that were not set up to embed metadata will lose that data.

Deleting and recataloging files will cause problems with galleries; Portfolio keeps track of which files are in galleries by their record ID, and deleting and recreating the record changes the IDs of the records, so Portfolio will drop those records out of the galleries.

There are several ways to do what you want to accomplish.

If you want to rearrange files within the watched folder, you can select records in Portfolio Web, right-click, and select “Copy/Move Selection”. Portfolio Web will ask you which watched folder or subfolder you want to move or copy the files to, move the files, and update the records.

You can also move subfolders around in a watched folder in Portfolio Web by selecting the subfolder and dragging it to the subfolder you want to move the files to; Portfolio will move the folder and update the records. Note that Portfolio Web will not allow you to move subfolders between watched folders, as that would cause the records to be deleted and recreated.

If all you need to do is relocate a folder to a new location, you can remove the watched folder entry, move the files to the new location, update the paths so they match that location, then create a new watched folder entry that points to that location.


Wait… So if we drag and drop folders within 2016, it doesn’t relocate those files and records?



If you use Portfolio Web to move files and folders around, Portfolio moves the files and update the records at the same time.

If you move files around in the folder directly and let AutoSync pick up the changes, it will delete existing records and create new records.


William it might also be helpful to create contact sheets of assets in any galleries so you can search for them in the new structure and rebuild your galleries.


I ended up simply making a new field named gallery and tagging each gallery with it’s name… seemed to work fairly easily, as long as you take a screen-shot of your gallery list.


Question I have been pondering. When moving files via Portfolio Web “copy/move” function, will it add the new folder structure as keywords?



We only add the folder names as keywords when a record is created. Updating the path doesn’t add or remove any keywords, even if they are based on folder names.