Changed my Mac Home folder name


I changed my Mac Home folder name. Now I get the “can’t find font vault” error because its looking in the old folder location. Where can I find the preference that points to this information. It was running Suitcase 5 but I updated it to 6 however, it must still use the same pref file.


Thanks for your question. The vault location can be selected in the Suitcase Fusion preferences. For more information please use the link below:


I should have added that the error message end with a quit button. You can not access any preferences. I think I was looking more for the system file that holds the preferences to delete or modify it. Thanks.


Thanks for the reply. Please remove all of the following preference files from the path below:

o Users/{username}/Library/Preferences/com.extensis….(preferences)

NOTE - You can quickly access your Library folder from the finder’s GO menu by selecting GO and then hold down the key on your keyboard.

Once the preferences have been removed, re-launch the Suitcase application.