Change Preview Panel From Harsh White to Another Color


I’ve put in several requests to Extensis to allow the user to adjust the Suitecase Fusion interface for the next release. Specifically, the Preview panel is set to a harsh white (255,255,255), but there’s no way to change this from within the app itself. I constantly have to dim my monitor for previewing and then initialize the default brightness when I switch back to one of my Adobe programs.

Does anyone know if this can be done via a registry hack?



I wanted to let you know you can change both the font and background colors for the previews. There are some controls right at the bottom of the preview pane that allow you to set the colors to something you prefer.

Thanks for using Suitcase Fusion 7!



Thanks for pointing that out. It does help, but it only applies to a single font preview.

I hope Extensis adds the feature to give us control over the appearance of the interface in the next release of SF. My eyes would be grateful!