Change default app for "edit asset"?


How can I tell Desktop Client to choose another app for opening any given type of document? When first opening a Word doc it foolishly chose Notepad instead of MS Word. Manual says nothing.


Answering my own question here, unless someone has more to offer. It appears that whichever app is set as an item’s deafult “always open with” is the guide; by changing that (or selecting an asset that does vote to open with the desired app) Portfolio happily follows suit.


I think the ability to use a different app for opening got dropped in v6, some while back. Basically, when you ‘edit’ an original Portfolio passes the path to Mac Finder or Windows Explorer and tells it to open the file at that path. As Mac now follows the windows model of a single app per fie type (actually file extension) the file is opened in whatever the host computer of the Desktop client uses to open a file with that extension. Thus the same file may open open a different app on each Desktop Client user’s computer as is it the OS and not Portfolio that makes the file-to-app association.