Can't Move Fonts


New user here - Win8.x, Suitcase 5.

Installed per instructions using defaults, and Suitcase picked up all the fonts that were previously installed on the machine - all 652 of them - placing them into the ‘System Fonts’ folder. I would like to move the fonts that are not OS specific (the aftermarket fonts) out of that folder to a separate set to differentiate what’s necessary for the operation of Windows from what’s available for manipulation.

For some reason, I am unable to do so, the program is not allowing me to create a new set based on the fonts I select (yes, I’m selecting only those that are NOT system fonts) nor will it allow me to move those fonts to a set which I create manually.

Please advise?

Thanks in advance!


The “System Fonts” area in Suitcase is a reflection of the fonts that are installed in your system, so in C:\Windows\Fonts. It’s not a ‘Font Library’ like the ones you can create and manage fonts & sets in. If you wish to manage any of the fonts you see displayed under ‘System Fonts’ in Suitcase you need to remove them from C:\Windows\Fonts, and then add them to your own Font Library, from where you can manage and activate/deactivate them.

Of course, this should be done with caution therefore, as you shouldn’t really remove any of the fonts that come installed with Windows as it might to lead to other issues. Similar with applications you may have installed. Microsoft has a list of fonts installed with its products here.


Well, that’s the whole point. Suitcase is not letting me move fonts from my system folder because it’s seeing EVERYTHING as a system font, even though it identifies those fonts that are necessary for Windows itself with a small ‘lock’ icon.

I bought the product so that it would make moving fonts easier. There are 652 typefaces in my system. The idea that I have to scrub through the Windows font directory to manually move things to a different location is a bit asinine.

Surely there’s an easier way to get this done, no?


I’m entirely frustrated, and beginning to think that Suitcase is not all it’s purported to be.

For starters, I have no idea why a product such as this would install itself and not separate necessary (protected) system fonts from aftermarket typefaces. How the hell else would a user on Windows install a font if not to put it into the Windows Fonts folder? And having done so, Suitcase is telling me that NONE of those fonts can be moved because they’re ALL considered ‘system’ fonts.

How exactly are we supposed to parse the protected fonts from the not-protected ones? Can we sort in Suitcase using the little lock icon? No. Can we deactivate and move everything except those system fonts to a new library? No. Can we get tech support via a trouble ticket on the website? No.

So, what is this product supposed to be doing for me?

Color me pissed off.



I’m sorry that you’re frustrated. There are limits to what Suitcase can do, and moving fonts out of a system location is one of them. However, we have a KB article that explains how to clean non-required fonts out of your Windows fonts directory:

extensis.com/support/knowled … windows-8/

Please give that a try. It should only take a few minutes and shouldn’t have to repeat the steps again unless you install Suitcase on a different Windows machine.


Romeo, thanks for your reply.

No luck. I’ve tried that about a half dozen times so far, including an uninstall/reinstall (in addition to deleting the entire Extensis folder inclusive of the library from c:\users\local\myname\appdata\extensis in the process, and I keep coming up with fonts in Suitcase that not only ought not to be there, but some of them are automatically activated. Furthermore, during the uninstall process, I’m alerted that some applications need to be stopped before proceeding… but those applications are necessary for system operation. I’ve taken a screenshot (as below) so you can see what’s going on.

It just seems to me that this software is not well written. I don’t know of ANYONE who doesn’t have aftermarket fonts on their machine, either downloaded and installed manually, or by other 3rd party products. They all go in the Windows Fonts folder, and if this is what’s necessary to separate the Windows fonts from the other stuff, I can’t fathom why the software doesn’t at least prompt users to follow your above procedure beforehand, or manage the process automatically during install, especially given the list of necessary system fonts is known.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this problem has been dragging on for over two weeks now. I’d really like to understand what the hell is going on here.



Please contact our support team extensis.com/support/contac … l-support/
for further assistance with this issue. It sounds like something on your PC is not working correctly and will require some direct troubleshooting.