Can't activate regular & bold version at the same time


I can not find the answer to this issue I have been having with ONE font in particular. I started by first deleting the font off of my computer, removing it from the library, and cleaning up the font caches etc and running Font Doctor.

I then reinstalled a new version of that font downloaded from here: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/news-cycle

I can add the font to the library and it shows as News Cycle Regular and News Cycle Bold in the manager. There seems to be no naming conflicts at all but I can NOT actually activate both at the same time and it’s infuriating! If i activate one, and then go to activate the other it deactivates the previously activated one. If select both at the same time and click the activate button it only activates the first one in the list.

I really could use some help here.


I’ve downloaded the font and looked at it in FontLab Studio and it’s clearly a problem with the font. What is correct is it has different filenames for each weight. They share the same family name but have the appropriate weight/style tags of regular and bold applied. That’s why you see the unique names in our software. However, the issue is a naming conflict based on the other internal names I see in the font.

Firstly both weights have exactly the same Postscript name, ‘NewsCycle’. They also both have exactly the same menu name “News Cycle”. It’s the bold font that is essentially ‘bad’ since it has no reference to bold in its Postscript or menu name. That’s why you can only activate one or the other and that’s not limited to our software. Put both into your OSX /Library/Fonts folder and your applications (e.g. TextEdit) will only show one font as being installed.

You should contact the copyright owner outlined on the page you link to point out the error in their font and get a corrected version of the bold font that has correctly named Postscript