Cannot remove library



I am currently testing the Mac and Windows Suitcase 6 application.

On Mac, everything seems to run flawlessly. However, on Windows, I am facing an issue that I was able to reproduce on another Windows machine. Let me explain :

  • I can add, remove a set. The font are not deleted but stay in the library => Ok

  • I can create a new library, add font to it or to a subset => Ok

  • If I want to delete any font or remove a library, it is not working. I get the warning but when I click ok, nothing happens.=>Nok
    On Mac, this feature works without any problem.

Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug ?

For the tech guys, my two Windows machine are 8.1 64 bits.




Hello micfrip:

In general, the mac and windows versions of SF6 share the same feature set.
I am able to add/delete fonts/sets/libraries in SF6 on my win 8 machine using the Delete key on the keyboard, the Edit menu or the right-click menu.

I would try removing SF6 thru Start > Control Panel > Programs & Features and re-installing.

If you are still having trouble, then please enter a support ticket so we can diagnose your specific setup.



Im having the exact same problem on Windows 10, i tried a clean install multiple times, still the same, its frustrating.


Hi Pat,
To contact Technical Support, please use the link below. The Forums aren’t monitored by the Support team, as they are generally for peer to peer interactions. Entering a Support Ticket, with the link below, may be a better alternative to get your issue resolved.

Kind Regards,
Josh Hallenbeck
Customer Service