Cannot publish sites


I have been trying to publish a new site from Portfolio Netpublish 8.5, however when I go though the necessary stages I received the following error message :

After a few attempts I finally got to it to publish, however when i go to view my site i am told that the system cannot find the file and when I search the server where my site are stored there is no sign of the newly created site. This is only a recent development as I have publish sites previously with no problems.

I am running portfolio 8.5 on a PC with windows 7.



The link to your error message is broken so we can’t see it!

Do other sites work on the server. IOW, does/did NP work and it’s just this site? Did you customise anything in the template set?


The message reads: "The Netpublish server was unable to disable a site prior to modifying it"
We have numerous netpublish sites all of which are working fine, its only recently when I attempt to publish a new site that I am experiencing this problem, I have made no changes to the templates.



Try re-starting NP and try again. Basically, before NP can ‘update’ publish a site it has to turn it off and for whatever reason can’t do so in this case. The next thing I’d try would be to stop NP, move the folder for the site out of the folder of published sites (generic path to find sites folder is : within the NP app/WebRoot/sites/) and store it elsewhere. now you should be able to publish the new version. As this is effectively a new site if you have a publishing password set you’ll be asked for that too. The latter is only asked for the first time a site is published.


Just to clarify when you say : ‘re-starting NP and try again’ how exactly do i do this?
Also this is a brand new site I am trying to publish so there is no existing site for me to move out of the folder of published site.



On Windows, the Portfolio NP is an OS service: go to the Services Windows (see Windows Help if unsure) and restart the “Portfolio NetPublish” service.

The error you gave implied TB was trying to stop a per-existing site (the one you’re ‘re’ publishing). If the site is new then there are other gremlins.

Look inside the NP program folder for WebRoot -> sites folder. There should be one folder for any site you are using. Delete (or archive elsewhere) any folders you can’t identify as a site you are using and re-start NP (via the OS SErvices). Then try re-publishing.


I saw this error with another customer once. It turned out that directly under the folder ‘Sites’ were some NetPublish files that shouldn’t be there, since all sites should be within their own folder under the ‘Sites’ folder. We couldn’t identify how they got there, since NetPublish would publish all its files into the folder you specify, but removing those other files resolved the problem.

So as Mark suggests, the key may be to check what you see in your ‘sites’ folder, and remove anything that is no longer being used or shouldn’t be there.


Thanks, I removed all additional folders that weren’t being used and also found two files called alias.properties and site.properties which I removed and archived, and everything appears to be working fine.


Glad it’s working.

FWIW, the two files you cite (alias.properties & site.properties) should only be found in in the root folder of an NP site (i.e. within a child folder of /sites/). Anywhere else and they shouldn’t be there. Sites aren’t designed to be nested. Each discrete NP site should be single folder of assets within /WebRoot/sites/ (same on Mac or Win OS).

By way of triage, alias.properties is a plain text file and, if opened, some of the items therein might give you pointers as to the source catalogue he site used to create the file, especially the following lines:

catalog.1.gallery = [gallery name or blank if whole catalogue]
catalog.1.path = portfolio://[path to named FDB or SQL catalogue]
catalog.1.user = [portfolio user account used to access data]

From that you might get a clue as to what/where/who went wrong.

When issue like yours crop up it’s usually human error due to someone unfamiliar with the set-up trying to rebuild or re-arrange previous data (often because a site can’t be republished as the source master wasn’t kept).

Also, if you're doing a manual clean-up of /sites/ and deleting subfolders for NP site-es you no longer want, you can also go into the /cache/ folder (a sibling of /sites/) and delete any sub-folders of the same name as the unwanted sites.

A more correct way (once NP's working OK) is to admin it from a Desktop client and then select and delete unwanted sites from there, via the 'Manage sites' tab. 

Tip, the latter lists the OS folder names of the published sites. for a support perspective, it's worth ensuring the user admin(s) of Portfolio who do the publishing have some idea of the site names as they relate to the master template sets used to make them (before said person forgets/moves post/leaves).