Cannot launch Suitcase 5 10.8 Mountain Lion


I have tried almost everything to install and launch Suitcase Fusion 5 but until now it never launched without crashing after 1 or 2 minutes with the spinning pizza-sign. Among other failure-messages was: incompatible FMCore (trashed it) - "could not open the font Vault at the location “”. (trashed it). I even used the un-installer of SC5 and re-installed the program after restart - trashed all instances of “Extensis” and “Suitcase”; also the invisible files - no luck. My system version
is 10.8.5 (updated from 10.6.8 as a new system) on an iMac12,1 with 8 Gb RAM. All other programs run without any problems (Adobe CC; Adobe CC2014 etc). I even removed all the unused fonts from the Library-folder and my home-folder - but no luck either. It took me about 4 hours of installing now and it never even started once properly. Anyone any ideas for me as how to get it work? My shared computer name is jelle (jelle.local). Greetings from the Netherlands


See http://www.extensis.com/support/knowledge-base/alert-open-font-vault-location-mac/.