Can Suitcase 7 recognize home folder off the boot drive?

  1. The User home folder should always be on the same drive as the OS. If you have moved this to a different location it will break the paths that Suitcase uses to activate fonts and make them available.

I have moved my home folder to an external drive because of space limitations. Does anyone know if this will work in Suitcase 7? I have 6, but if it doesn’t , upgrading won’t help me.

You do realize that with the introduction of SSD drives, there is not enough space on the standard drives and power/longtime mac users to store all their home folder on the same drive as the boot drive? IF Suitcase cannot activate fonts from the external home folder, even though the library vault is there, then the program won’t be of much use anymore. I realized when I moved my home folder to the external that the paths were broken and I recreated a library in my home folder. I’m hoping that will work. If the programs like Pshop 2015 can’t see them, then it really is the end.

My setup is like this:

Mac HD: system folder, library, user folder aliased to:
External Drive: Users/My Username/ followed by ~library, documents, etc.

BTW, It does seem that Fireworks can see Google fonts that are activated, just not my local fonts.

Apple allows you to set the user folder externally. You go to Sys Prefs>Users&Groups> Unlock and control click on the username> Advanced> Set Home Folder.

Been a user of Extensis for over 20 years, back in OS 7, Just so you know.



Where are you getting that initial quoted section from?


someone from tech support ticket on my Suitcase 6 program



Suitcase Fusion has the ability to activate fonts from just about any location, provided the user account has the proper permissions.

I recreated a scenario similar to yours; I created a user account, moved the home folder to a non-startup volume, and launched Suitcase Fusion from that user account. I could add and activate fonts just fine.

I would recommend calling Technical Support so that we can continue troubleshooting.