Can not remove fonts


Just updated to Suitcase 7 and have several issues:
I have several duplicate fonts that when I try to delete them I receive the message “The Selected Fonts Cannot Be Removed”. These are not system fonts. When I try to delete them manually (using the Reveal In Finder option) that option is grayed out.
InDesign and Illustrator both give me the following error message:
The Suitcase Fusion application that is currently running is incompatible with the Suitcase Fusion plug-in. I have checked for updates and am told I’m Up To Date.
Please bring the ability to merge individual fonts into font families, back.
Found another issue. With the main window open and showing Classifications on the right, The classifications do not show the entire text, only the first 9 characters.


1 - Sounds like permission issues with the Operating System. If you are unable to delete them from the folder they reside in, then you have permission issues. Check the permission on the folder and try again.

2 - This error is usually caused by an older or incorrect plug-in version being installed in your Adobe plug-ins folders. Close all Adobe applications and then locate and remove the previous versions of the Extensis plug-ins from the following location(s): Application/[Adobe Application Name]/Plug-ins/Extensions/ExtensisFont…

Once they have been successfully removed, open the Suitcase Fusion application and select the Suitcase Fusion drop-down menu in the upper left corner next to the Apple menu. Then select Manage Plug-ins. Select the Adobe versions of the plug-ins you would like installed and click Done. Now launch your Adobe application(s) and see if everything is working as intended.

3 - I put a Feature Request to our Development team.

4 - Remove all of the following preferences from the following system preferences folder and restart your computer:

  • Users/{username}/Library/Preferences/com.extensis…. < — Anything that says com.extensis…