Can I split a font suitcase?


I read a great review on this forum named, “What is a font suitcase and why do we have them?” I have a “font suitcase” with about 7 different fonts within that “font suitcase” (I, also, have the 7 separate matching “PostScript Type 1 outline fonts” that are necessary to function properly on Yosemite, version 10.10.2) I want to split the “font suitcase” into a smaller number of fonts within that “font suitcase.” How do I do it? I have “Suitcase Fusion 6” and “Font Doctor, 10.0”. Any search with “Suitcase” thinks I mean the application (like, “Suitcase Fusion”); but, rather, I mean the little “font suitcase” that contains fonts. Any help would be appreciated.


The answer is yes, just by adding your fonts to the Suitcase Fusion font library.

Once you’ve added your fonts in to Suitcase you should be able to activate a single weight in that family or the entire family.