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Content removed as it was not product related.


As you’ll note at the top of every forum section is a read me first post, that outlines that these forums a great place to exchange tips and challenges relating to our products. We do not use them for technical support as forums are not ideal for providing good support as they often lack needed information relating to the problem (e.g. versions numbers, OS version, steps to produce the problem etc.). Customers also don’t always want to share information publicly about their systems and setup. Topics may also may get ‘off track’ when additional posters add ‘me too’ because they experience similar symptoms, yet may actually have a different problem. It’s then hard to communicate specifics when there’s multiple people involved on a single topic. So forums generally are not an efficient way to communicate directly with customers who are having problems and want one-to-one assistance.

We have offices across the world (US, UK, France, Germany, Australia) with support and service representatives that provide that one-to-one assistance that customers expect, via email and telephone. We endeavour to respond to all queries within 1 working day. We also have Priority Support that allows for out of hours assistance, available to customers with a valid Annual Service Agreement. We take every support incident seriously and work with customers to reach a resolution as quickly as possible.

Looking on our customer database, the email you’re using on these forums has not been registered and so we can’t verify any product registrations or support/service tickets that you may have submitted. So if you’re having a technical issue, you should register your product and contact us directly for assistance. Whilst support staff may browse and contribute on these forums, it’s typically reserved to comments on known issues as anything that requires troubleshooting is best handled directly through our support channels. If you’re not familiar with how to contact our service and support teams, you should go to the support pages of our main website for more information.


Actually, it was product-related: http://forums.extensis.com/t/problem-auto-activation-indesign-cs6/341/1

And the product is called Suitcase Fusion… which provides a service… not the software on its own… but it’s programmers, executives, and customer service teams… you are all part of the whole… and thus, Suitcase Fusion can only be as strong as your weakest link… and obviously, your customer service is seriously lacking… and BTW, it is important to address one last point: I (under a corporate umbrella) consult companies on how best to integrate various software apps into their corporate objectives… I don’t believe that an issue like a buggy app like Suitcase Fusion benefits anyone if only discussed between “registered client” and “company customer service”. A lot of folks seem to have multiple problems with your apps, and it serves everyone better if these issues were addressed in the wider arena. Welcome to the 21 century!


That’s a different topic you have linked, and as you say is product related, but this one you posted is not about Suitcase specifically but about use of these forums to gain support. That’s not how we handle Technical Support and Customer Service for the reasons outlined above. Also, as mentioned, based on your forum registered email address as far as we can tell you’ve not registered any products and never contacted our support or service teams directly to be able to fairly comment on the service we provide to our customers.

So if you would like assistance with the problem you posted on that other topic then you’re more than welcome to contact us directly to see how we handle technical support and customer service, using the contact details already provided.